Our PBM Cloud

Rooted in our ConsumerID Graph, our PBM products work seamlessly with one another to automate PBM as your newest revenue channel.

95% of your traffic is a mystery to you.

If you have no idea who someone is, you can’t market to them effectively.

ConsumerID Graph

The BounceX ConsumerID Graph enables you to market to people, not cookies.

The BounceX Consumer ID Graph uses cookie-less technology to identify 40%-70% of your users (industry average is 5-15%) and remembers them across every device and session. This allows you to introduce continuity to your buyer’s journey and unlocks People-Based Marketing as a new revenue channel.

With 98% accuracy across devices, you can market to your audience effectively across multiple sessions to drive untapped revenue.

Behavioural Email

Behavioural Email is the only triggered email platform with scale.

It uses the BounceX ConsumerID Graph to reach an unprecedented number of users and leverages their onsite behaviours to provide the most relevant email messaging at the right time.

The result is a 6-10% increase in revenue from triggered email measured in your own analytics.

Behavioural Email allows you to communicate with an unprecedented number of your users, and extends the buying experience to the inbox.

Behavioural CMS

The BounceX Behavioural CMS enables you to mirror a real-world buying experience online.

The modern buyer shops on multiple devices and over several sessions per purchase. Behavioural CMS identifies each user’s purchase intent and position in the buyer journey to provide continuity across all of those devices and sessions.

Using automation, this product enables marketers to generate a larger send pool for triggered emails and maximise revenue per user.

Behavioural Web Push

Behavioural Web Push is the channel you’ve been waiting for.

Direct lines of communication are essential for us as marketers. Since the death of direct mail, we’ve been forced to rely solely on email for our 1-1 communications. That’s all about to change, with Behavioural Web Push, we now have a new marketing channel that enables us to intelligently push notifications to our customers through the browser.

Push campaigns are simple to build, easy to execute and have the highest opt-in, open and conversion rates of any marketing channel, ever. Let us show you why.

our solutions are made with you in mind

Publisher Solutions

With the ever-growing list of mediums in which people consume content, it’s become more important than ever to curate a premium experience for your readers.

Your audience and advertisers depend on you to develop an engaging experience that respects your visitors by understanding their interests and shielding them from intrusive ad units.

As a result, we’ve purposed our PBM Cloud to accommodate the needs of Publishers. Our technology behaviourally triggers email capture, content alerts and ad placements that respect your visitor’s experience. This people-based approach gives your readers a reason to come to you directly for the great content you produce.

Let our team show you the power of People-Based Marketing for Publishers.

Ads & Agencies Solutions

As advertisers and agencies, we all have one goal: performance.

BounceX works with the world’s top Publications to surface high-impact, fully-viewable ads that don’t detract from the user experience. Our proprietary units are behaviourally-triggered, uniquely sized and targeted to your best opportunities to deliver unprecedented ad performance.

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